Grand Theft Auto V Expectations

The Multiplayer needs Revamping.

Grand Theft Auto V was announced only a couple of months ago and after Max Payne 3 has been released Rockstar will most likely begin releasing information about it. Grand Theft Auto IV’s multiplayer was near perfection but it was missing many key components that held it back. Many of the things missing in its multiplayer can be found in Rockstar’s other game, Red Dead Redemption. Red Dead Redemption focused more on free-roam rather than the multiplayer specific modes.  Red Dead also had a much better ranking up and stat system than what GTA4 had. Grand Theft Auto IV did not award you for playing free roam and the only way to get XP and rank up was playing the specific modes which were never really any fun. GTA5 should have XP like Red Dead Redemption where you can just go free roaming and shoot anything to get XP. This could be a lot of fun, a group of friends get together in free roam and try to hold out against police for as long as they can while getting XP.

Another thing that Red Dead Redemption had that GTA4 did not was a great stats system. The online for GTA4 did not have any stats whatsoever. In Red Dead’s online you could simply press start and go to stats while online and see everything you have done. These stats included kills with each gun and miles rode on your horse. GTA5 needs to have stats like these that could be associated with free-roam. They already have stats in the singleplayer, now all we need to do is have that same stat-tracking system in the multiplayer.

One last component that is in RDR that could be in GTA is gang hideouts. Gang hideouts were little outposts on the map. Whenever you rode past them a group of bandits would popout and you could shoot them all for XP. This would work great in Grand Theft Auto if they were kept inside unused buildings. Random outposts outside would not work in a city environment so they would need to be activated when the player entered certain buildings.

This is just a list of things that I think Grand Theft Auto V needs in order to have a successful multiplayer. Feel free to let me in know in the comments if you have any other ideas.

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