Grand Theft Auto V, First Details and Possible Release Date of GTA V

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A few days ago Rockstar showed the world the first trailer for GTA V, the next installment of this sandbox (open world) that is already provoking a stir in the network because the impact is always the release of Grand Theft Auto. In this first official trailer, very little we could find, although they sensed some things that have just been confirmed now. GTA V will be held in “The Saints” location that we saw in GTA: San Andreas, one of the parties with greater success and acceptance of the whole saga.

This has provoked reactions for all tastes. First are those who attribute to a lack of originality RockStar for not offering a totally new environment, while many are delighted, because they can return to doing some tricks in Los Santos, where passed the story of many, the best game of the series, GTA: San Andreas. But RockStar has revealed more details about its history and perhaps its departure date.

A RockStar has not trembled pulse when GTA V have called “the most ambitious project ever created RockStar”. His story will run in Los Santos and surrounding places such as mountains, fields and beaches. Apparently, this issue could break all records for size on a map, as the company has referred to the game as “the greatest” to which they have faced. Although this statement may be understood in several ways.

GTA V will be a nut around the concept more open world (sandbox) which suffered a small revolution in the previous GTA IV, allowing its characters to lead a parallel life to the history of the game, either online or by linking odd jobs alternative that kept us glued enough hours in command of our console. As for the story of GTA V, do not know if RockStar choose to repeat characters, but explained that its plot will focus on the “search of the mighty dollar in marginal California of today.” In the last few hours is gaining momentum the rumor that GTA V could be played by various characters, which would handle throughout history.

The balance date of GTA V is still a mystery, but Rockstar could have left a clue in the trailer of the game, because even briefly, can be seen twice the number 2405, which may well allude to their departure date next May 24, 2012 (thanks Jorge Luis). On the other hand several shops specializing in this field suggest that GTA V output will occur in November 2012, ie within just one year. Other rumors that emerged a few months ago, pointed to January next year as its release date, the day that seems too close to be a reality. I will keep you informed.

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