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Grand theft auto four cheats, codes and hacks. The official release of gta four cheat by rockstar games.

The famous Grand theft Auto 4: San andreas has been released and many people are already looking for great cheats, codes and walkthroughs in the game.  Would it spoil the fun by just doing cheating?  You have paid good money for that game and you will just use gta cheats and finished it without having the opportunity to have fun?

It is true that there is a gta 4 cheats are available and for that reason many people didn’t get what they paid for.  Would you still want to continue looking for cheats? 

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But I guarantee you that you will spoil the fun and would end up bored with the game.  If you keep on looking for cheat it is suggested that  you better not play the game anyway.  This has been a controversy before where game makers would not want to create a cheat, but somehow the sales went down.  Although good players has been developed yet many gamers just wanted to finish the game in an instant.

Let me tell you what you will miss if you will undergo cheating, first is, after you have played the game you will have nothing to tell to your friends on how you did it in a legal way.  Second is, you lost your money by just cheating.  Game makers realize that if they will not release a cheat, the ratio of people getting bored is low and if they will release a new game people will still be playing the old game.  Hence no sales of the new game, bad for the business. They realized releasing the gta cheats would make the gamers easily get bored of the old game and venture to the new.  Hence, big sale means big profit, money for them nothing for you but losses on buying the new game.

Well we cannot blame the society, it all depends on discipline.  We have been scammed by marketing experts before and up until now we consumers still doesn’t learn.  We still keep on buying and still in the hand of there spell.

It is an advantage thought getting gta cheats to those who are not really a good game player, but should you be more logical and must develop your skill instead?  But, for those who don’t have the benefit of time, it is excusable.  But, still you cant appreciate the game if you will just cheat. 

Enjoy cheating gta 4.

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