Start Mapping for Half-life One

A guide how to setup Valve Hammer Editor.

To map for Half-Life 1 you need a program called Valve Hammer Editor. It is a program made by Valve based off WorldCraft (Quake 1 Map Editor) that allows you to map for any Half-Life 1 mod including normal game.

Files to Download:

1. Valve Hammer Editor 3.5 Beta (Latest version) (Map Editor)

2. Half-Life & Mods Definitions Files (Contains all game definitions)

3. ZHLT Compiling Tools (Compiles map files into bsp files)

Before starting guide:

1. Extract Valve Hammer Editor to a empty folder.

2. Extract Definitions Files to Valve Hammer Editor folder.

3. Extract/Install ZHLT to a empty folder that you know where it is.

Step 1 – When you start Hammer a message will appear saying that no game configurations are available. Press Yes, that will take you to configuration menu.

Step 2 - First we need to setup Half-Life 1 game profile. Go to “Game Configurations” tab, and then press first “Edit” button [Red Circle]

Step 3 - Press “Add” button, put the name of the mod or just Half-Life, then press “Close” [Green Circle]. This will create a new game profile.

Step 4 – We need now to point to definitions files. These files (*.fgd) contains all entities from games. Entities are everything that is not a map. Doors, spawns, items, weapons… To do that, press the second “Add” button [Red Circle].

Step 5 – Point to the mod or Half-Life fgd file.

Step 6 – Now we need to configure the directories where your Half-Life installation is located. This will be for Steam, but for WON Half-Life is easier.

For Game Executable [Red Circle], point it to: steam/steamapps/your username/half-life

For Mod Directory [Green Circle], point it to: steam/steamapps/your username/half-life/mod folder (If no mod, link it to valve)

For Game Directory [Blue Circle], point it to: steam/steamapps/your username/half-life/valve

For RMF Directory [Yellow Circle], create a empty folder somewhere you want to save your maps (I use a folder named MyMaps inside the mod) and link it to there.

When done, just press “Apply” and then “Ok”

Step 7 – We need to open configuration menu again. The Ok was just to apply the changes and to update “Build Programs” menu, which we will configure right now. Open Options.

Step 8 – Go to “Build Programs” tab. Select the game profile from the Configuration list.

For Game Executable [Red Circle], link it to hl.exe, located in steam/steamapps/your username/Half-Life

For CSG Executable [Green Circle], link it to hlcsg.exe, located in the folder where you extracted / installed ZHLT

For BSP Executable [Blue Circle], link it to hlbsp.exe, located in the folder where you extracted / installed ZHLT

For VIS Executable [Yellow Circle], link it to hlvis.exe, located in the folder where you extracted / installed ZHLT

For RAD Executable [Light Blue Circle], link it to hlrad.exe, located in the folder where you extracted / installed ZHLT

For compiled maps directory [Brown Circle], link it to steam/steamapps/your username/Half-Life/maps (Make sure that the “maps” folder exist!)

Step 9 - Now we’ll be setting up textures. If you have a program called GCFscape, then open up Half-Life.gcf located in steam/steamapps and extract all .wad files contained inside. If you don’t have it, then just download halflife.wad (Click here to search Google for it). WAD files are texture packs, they contain many textures inside. halflife.wad contains all basic textures from whole half-life 1 game.

To add a wad, go to Textures tab [Red Circle], press button “Add Wad” [Green Circle] and just point it to the wads you want to add. Note: Try not to include more than 10. Alot of wads might not compile the map later.

Step 10 – Press “Ok” button. Restart Valve Hammer Editor to apply the new textures, and you’re ready to Map! I’ll be posting more tutorials about Mapping, Compiling and Testing your maps!

Link to next tutorial: Half Life Making Your First Room in Valve Hammer Editor.

Keep Tuned ;)

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