How to Level Up Fast in Black Ops (Guide) +Without Hacking

Looking for the best way to level up or prestige? Then check this out!

Before the game starts, think of a steady-paced route for you to travel in, you then stick by your route, picking the best class, recommended scavenger to pick up extra mags, and if it is S&D, run straight to spawn point and succeed. The fastest way to earn XP is S&D (Search And Destroy) and it is 500xp per kill, this may multiply by two for completing challenges, and getting headshots, so try to get as much challenges completed as possible. Go through every single game mode and see what one gives the most experience. I like domination, having good kill death is vital too because in domination you dont win by team kills. Each kill you get 100 exp. So tae every kill you get and times it by 100 and thats how much exp you got just from kills, not other stuff. Always, ALWAYS, run a launcher in your 2nd slot. If you take down 5 spy planes a match, that’s 750+ exp for maybe a few extra times in a match. Helicopters are generally 400exp per take down, and most of them take 2 rockets. Obviously the Strela-3 is better at taking air support down but shooting one Law, dying and shooting another for 400exp isn’t a bad deal! Once you get your 3/4/5 killstreaks, die so you can earn them again for maximum exp gains per match. Think: 3 spy planes, 3 c-spy planes, 3 napalms. That’s 600 exp for the planes, 600 for the napalm and if you hit 2 kills per napalm at 100 exp each, that’s 600 more points. 1800 in total! Stay tuned to all the gaming forums for news of Double XP weekends. Plan ahead so you can free up as much time as you can during that weekend to level up extremely fast. Pretty simple really. Ground war if you are good, you have more people to kill, games last longer then regular team death match so you spend less time waiting in lobby for next game to start. But if your not then do some contracts. They’re pretty easy and some give you XP or CP so make sure you pick the XP ones.

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