How to: Mag Money (Currency)

This guide will show you tips and tricks on how to earn more currency points in MAG.

If you are like me, the first frustration you had in MAG was the currency system. Apparently, the old version of MAG before the update did not even have the currency system. Instead, all players had to do was go to the skill tree and unlock it when they advanced up the different skills. This is not the case anymore. Players must earn “money” by earning ribbons that are located in the Armory under Awards. You earn these ribbons by: killing a certain amount of opponents, repairing and planting charges on objectives, and healing teammates. This often comes as a hassle when wanting to save up for expensive weapons. Below are ways to ensure that you always get money after each mission.

When Defending:

  • ALWAYS repair any objectives! 

This is the easiest way to earn quick currency because the majority of ribbons involve repairing bunkers, Anti-Air Batteries, etc. Most people turn up their noses at the thought of standing still for 30 seconds, but if you repair enough objectives, you will get over 1,000 currency points every time you defend. Another helpful tip is to stay around FRAGO bunkers and repair the turrets every time they are destroyed.
P.S. Leveling up in the athleticism and engineering skill will ensure that you almost always get to destroyed objectives in time and can repair them more timely. 

  • Keep your medic kit at hand!

One of the easiest parts in MAG is the free experience for healing teammates. If you heal enough teammates, you will get the Golden Cross Ribbon for reviving 15 allies and the Silver Cross ribbon which is awarded if you heal 250 units of damage. Even if you don’t meet the requirements, you’ll still get tons of experience while helping your team. 
P.S. You have to have the Resuscitation skill under Medical and the Medical Kit which can be bought for 800cp at level 3 before you can heal any teammates.

  • Place mines like a madman!

Mines destroy small enemy vehicles. They can be purchased at level 18 for 3,000cp. Right at the start of the game, plant mines in roads before the enemy vehicles come down and drop loads and loads of enemies. If you plant at least ten, then you will get the Miner’s Ribbon. Destroy five vehicles and you will get the Mr. Badwrench Ribbon. Not only will this help your team, but it will give you the elusive currency.

  • Drive-bys are your friends!

The Motor Pools are there for a reason, and they are commonly overlooked. Hop in one of the vehicles and run over any enemy that crosses your path, giving you the Road Rage Ribbon. Also, stop periodically or hop in friend’s vehicle turrets and kill 10 enemies to get the Mowing the Grass Ribbon. Don’t worry if it gets destroyed! Motor Pools regenerate vehicles when they are still active. You’ll gain currency points and make your enemies feel like idiots when you mow over them dozens of times!

  • BOMB!!!

Disarm any bomb that you see! Disarm three and you’ll get the Bomb Squad Ribbon. Be greedy! Don’t let your friends get to armed objectives before you! 
P.S. Level up the engineering and athleticism skills to cut down on disarm time and increase speed to get to those bombs!

  • PULL!!!

Shoot down 15 parachuting enemies and earn the Screaming Eagle Ribbon! The easiest way to accomplish this is to equip the final sniper rifle with a one hit kill nearly ever time!

  • Camper in the Bunker

Jump in those bunkers as quickly as you can and earn the Armchair General Ribbon for 15 kills with the turret. Also, kill three foes with the turret rocket and earn the Rocket Man Ribbon.
P.S. The easiest way to accomplish both is to aim for charging enemy transport vehicles and hack troops down when they exit the vehicle.
When Attacking:

  • Shoot! Shoot!! SHOOT!!!

It may go without saying, but killing enemies gives you more than just satisfaction. Kill 25 enemies with any type of weapon and get the Combat Ribbon for easy currency. Kill over 30 enemies and you’ll get the Grim Reaper Ribbon. 
P.S. If you are going for kills, make sure that you use the same type of weapon or you won’t get the Combat Ribbon.


Throw as many grenades as you can and kill 10 enemies to achieve the Combat Fragger Ribbon. Also, launch rockets and kill a measly five enemies to get the Combat Launcher Ribbon. Make sure though to watch out for allies to avoid embarrassing negative experience. 
P.S. An easy way to get both is to attack the bunkers. There will normally always be enemies near the bunker turrets. Aim for the turrets with rockets to easily kill all the enemies in its proximity. Also, watch where enemies spawn in bunkers and throw both of your grenades consecutively in that area to get multiple kills.

  • Pyromaniac

Run to every open enemy objective and plant explosives. Plant at least three to get the Marauder Ribbon. Destroy them to get a plethora of other Ribbons while hindering the enemy faction.
P.S. Use the classic engineering and athleticism skills to plant charges faster and get to open objectives quicker. Also, stay near the plant location to ensure that no enemies disarm it and rain on your parade. Anti-Personal Mines are great for this and many other purposes. Be alert! Make sure to listen for the beeps to quicken so that you can get the heck out of there before you get humiliatingly blown up.

  • Destroyed Dreams

Find a cluster of at least 2 enemy mines to shoot with gunfire to earn the Dashed Hopes Ribbons. 
P.S. Use the Explosive Detector unlocked at level 30 for 4,000cp to easily find explosives, even if they’re behind walls!

  • It may be a longshot…

It may seem impossible, but use a sniper and shoot three enemies from 120m away to earn the Longshot Ribbon. 
P.S. Equip the last sniper rifle with a High or Variable Power Scope to easily accomplish this ribbon.

  • Choked Help

Sometimes helping teammates isn’t as bad as it may seem. Get 15 assists and earn the Purple Sidekick Ribbon.

  • Assassination Station

Run down 15 your foes with a silent knife attack to earn the Combat Knife Ribbon. 
P.S. Upgrade the Personal Defense and Athleticism Branches to run like the wind and knife quicker and cause more damage.

  • Beheaded Werewolves…

Not only are my catchphrases getting cornier, but this is probably one of the hardest ribbons to achieve. Kill 10 enemies with headshots to achieve the Silver Bullet Ribbon, and call yourself a true champion!
Final Words of Advice:

  1. NEVER sell any of your equipment that you purchased. You will always regret it later…
  2. Always heal teammates after killing them! This way you aren’t the jerk who just leaves the person you just idiotically killed, adding insult to injury.
  3. Finally, Always follow FRAGO orders! There is a reason why your Squad Leaders… Kill enemies, heal, and repair objectives near FRAGO objectivew to get double experience!
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