How to Make a Crafting Table in Minecraft

One of the first questions new players of Minecraft have is "How do I make a crafting table?". A crafting table or workbench is vital to success in Minecraft as it allows you to craft other objects. Below is a fool proof guide to making a crafting table.

Learning how to make a crafting table is vital to success when playing the game. It increases the space you have to make items from 4 squares to 9 squares. This lets the player create better items such as tools, beds and machinery. A crafting bench can be placed on any solid block and can be activated by clicking the right mouse bottom whilst it is selected.

First, you must create at least 4 wood planks; an easy to follow guide to do this is shown below. This crafting menu is located by pressing “E” whilst in the game. Wood is found by punching down trees by holding down the Left Click mouse button.

You must then use 4 of these wooden planks and align them as shown below in the inventory screen, once again reached by pressing E, in order to create a crafting table.

This crafting table can then be placed by pressing Right Click and used by pressing Right Click again once placed.

And there you go, you now know how to make a crafting table in Minecraft!

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