How to Make Fire Arrows on Minecraft

Fire or flame arrows can be created in Minecraft via two methods, both of which are outlined in this article. This guide applies to all versions of the game (PC, Xbox 360 and iOS).

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The first method to creating fire arrows in Minecraft is to use a Dispenser hidden behind a sheet of lava.

First you will need to create some arrows, a bow and a dispenser, diagrams of which are shown below:




Once you have created these three items (and gathered some lava) you are ready to create your own automated fire arrows, useful for fending off mobs or other players. First you will need to wire up your dispenser, an example of how to do so is shown below.

Then you need to place a lava block or a flowing sheet of lava in front of the dispenser similar to the picture shown below.

Now, once you have placed your arrows in the dispenser and pull the lever arrows will fly out of the dispenser and catch alight as they move through the lava. Viola! Fire arrows!

As of version 1.1:

There is now another method you can use to create fire arrows is to use an Enchanting Table to create a bow which can shoot fire arrows. This enchantment is called “Flame” and players tend to think that it begins becoming an available enchantment at levels 40-50.

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