How to Quick Scope in Blackshot

Sometimes while playing blackshot, you find yourself cornered by players using rifles and smgs. However, you are equipping a sniper, which is almost useless in close combat. So here are some tips to help you improve your quick scoping skills.


First, start playing more sniper matches. At first, if you try to learn to quick scope while playing in normal matches, you risk lowering your kdr and you would’nt be learning much at all. So start playing more sniper matches, and train your quick scope.

Using the right keys

Second, instead of using the buttons 1 and 3 to switch from your sniper to your knife, try using the button Q. This enables you to quickly switch to the weapon you were using previously. Doing this enables you to shoot faster.

No Scoping

Third, train aiming without a scope. Shooting without scoping will cause the bullet to fly randomly. However training to be able to aim at your target before scoping is a great skill to have and will increase your quick scoping skills significantly. To train to be able to aim without scope, first put a small amount of bluetack on the middle of your screen, or on the cursor. Then slowly decrease the size of it and eventually remove it.


Fourth, equipment. For the fastest sniper to quick scope with, you should be using m24. If you have some cash, m24-H is way better. M24-H switches out faster than m24. Personally i always use m24-H. You also should be using elbow grease, as this increases your weapon switching speed even more. You should get agility boots, and if you are playing sniper matches, sniper armour. If you are playing normal matches get rifle armour. If you have cash, get a med kit. However, unless you are playing in a clan war, getting the normal med kit isn’t worth it.

If you would like to know how to quick scope effectively, please look at my other guide. Feel free to leave comments and feedback.

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