How to Rank Up Fast in Halo Reach

Want to get to the next level up quik?

Halo reach is very hard to rank up in. If i dont say so myself. It could take you days to rank up once in reach or you could rank up twice a day with 1-3 hours of gameplay depending on how good you are. Ok, this might sound like youve heard it 1000000 times but first you want to look at the daily challenges and complete them. This should take about 30 minutes. Then your gonna want to go to matchmaking and select team swat. The reason i chose this playlist as my rank up source is you get about 400-700 cr per game. Your probably thinking that well thats not enough per game. Well theres the catch! Team swat games last from 3 minutes to like 6 minutes on a long game. If you were going to play in any other playlist it would take about 10 minutes and you dont get as much cr because it is really easy to get kills in team swat. If your not that good like me you should have like 10-20 kills a game and 600 cr. Well i hope this helps you guys up in halo fast and remember to select “I like” at the bottom of this page. THANKS!

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