League of Legends: Ganking

For new and old players trying to learn the best and most effective ways to gank.

There are two things that a player should keep in mind when it comes to ganks.

1. The first is being able to find a good opportunity to gank. To do this involves a certain amount of map awareness or even a gank request from a teammate. Is bottom lane overextended and low hp? Gank them. Is their jungler going for dragon? Gank. There are many opportunities to gank throughout a game, the player just has to notice them. One good way in League of legends to become a better ganker, is to allow more chances for the opposite team to be caught offguard and vulnerable. The best way to do this is warding. This often entails warding heavy traffic areas, dragon, or jungle routes. This way laners can often notice a low hp jungle and gank the jungle, an easy kill. Warding dragon is even more important because not only can you leave with a kill but you can also finish dragon which gives 190 gold to every team member. General warding also provides a competitive advantage because it gives your team knowledge on enemy movement, which is vital in knowing whether or not to gank. For example, if the enemy Kennen and Singed are overextended top, you would try to gank them with your red buff right? Not always. With a ward you might notice a double buffed Master Yi coming top, so ganking top might actually be a terrible idea.

2. Another key factor in ganking is actually being able to gank well. When ganking, you should always ask if the enemy warded so you would known whether or not the enemy players would notice you approaching. You should also always coordinate with your own teammates to help kill enemy champs whether it be in some from of CC (Stun, slow) or just raw damage. The ganker should also be aware of which skills to use first. I you have a slow and stun, should you spam all your skills on top of the enemy champion? Probably not as using the stun with the slow would just waste the effect of the slow. However, like map awareness, good ganking can be learned with experience and time.

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