Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Shooting Gallery

Inside of Clock Town there are a number of different houses and mini games that you can have fun with. Of of the games in East Clock Town is the Shooting Gallery. Follow the tips in this guide to completing the Shooting Gallery in Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask. Playing this game to win the prizes is worth the effort.

This wouldn’t be a complete Legend Of Zelda Nintendo game, without a slew of mini games to play. Nearly every Zelda game that is released has some kind of mini games in them. In East Clock Town you can play the Shooting Gallery game. If you’re wondering how to get the Large Quiver in Zelda Majora’s Mask, playing this mini game will reveal the secret. How? One of the prizes here is the Large Quiver.

The Shooting Gallery game works like this. You will see two different kinds of the Octorok enemies appear at random. What you want to do is to hit the red Octoroks. Try to hit as few blue ones as possible, you want to keep shooting for the red ones. Oh and one requirement here, you have to have the hero’s bow and arrows to play this game. You’ll get the bow and arrows after finishing the first dungeon, Woodfall Temple.

Here at the Shooting Gallery, there is already some kind of high record. It will be your goal to beat this record, and as a reward, you will be given the Large Quiver. This quiver will let Link hold forty arrows during his adventures in Termina. If you are a veteran Legend Of Zelda game player, then you know how you really need this item so you can have a lot of arrows in the game. It’s well worth the effort to win this game for the prize.

Remember when you are playing the Shooting Gallery, to shoot the red Octoroks only. Try to avoid hitting the blue ones as much as possible. As soon as you beat the current high score here in the gallery, you will be awarded the Large Quiver and also more. The game playing here doesn’t have to end yet though. There is another prize you can win here for getting a perfect score. Get a perfect score, and win another heart piece.

If you collect every heart piece here in Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask, you will have your full life hearts. This will be very helpful for you in the last battles of the game. To get a perfect score in the Shooting Gallery, you need to hit all 50 red Octoroks. You will need to be near perfect when making each shot. You’ll have one minute and fifteen seconds to do this in. If you hit just one blue Octorok, you probably won’t get a perfect score.

Don’t give up on your mission of finding every heart piece. You need to keep practicing and not give up. You will win the heart piece if you keep playing the Shooting Gallery game and keep trying. Every time you hit a blue Octorok, you miss hitting a red one obviously, but you also get time deducted from the clock. So its best to keep practicing and playing, until you get the perfect score. So what happens after you win the heart piece? You won’t ever need to return to this Legend Of Zelda game again. No more prizes are awarded except for rupees. So you don’t need to come back if you don’t want to.

This is how you get the Large Quiver while finishing the Shooting Gallery game. There is actually one more quiver that you can get in Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask. It’s called the Largest Quiver and it can hold fifty arrows. Here’s a hint, you can get it in the Southern Swamp Area. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. For more Legend Of Zelda information please visit my full content profile here.

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