Let’s Test Armor Games: Two

Here, I test games from the website "Armor Games".
This issue’s game: "Zomballoons"

Let’s test Armor Games: 2


Created by Armor Games, Zomballoons has only been viewed 450,000 times. This is a small number compared to other games, but nonetheless, it is a good game. Zomballoons has a rating of 7.2, which is average, and it’s easy to recognize JIMP’s lovable graphics. As the doorman to a very classy hotel, it’s up to you to prevent peasants and other low-life’s from encroaching on your fine establishment, so when Zombies show up looking to party in the penthouse it’s up to you to make sure they never make it that high. Armed with a crossbow, you must shoot down all the ballooning zombies before they reach the top of your hotel.

    The Plus Sides:

   - The Graphics

Just as all of JIMP’s games, his graphics are just delightful. The zombies are even charming with their green skin and grimaces.

   - Upgrades and Difficulty

This game has lots of upgrades, you can have more stamina, better speed while Mr. Archer goes from floor to floor, shoot multiple arrows at once, boost your draw speed, and make your arrows hurt even more with each shot you give. The difficulty is great too, in the beginning of the game only a couple of zombies try to reach the Penthouse. However, with each level the game gets harder; Zombies have more resistant balloons, they are protected by metal plates which block certain sides of their balloons, they are faster, and after a couple of levels zombies will start coming from both sides of the hotel. The fact that it doesn’t get easier but is still playable through the end is what makes this game great, you won’t lose but you won’t be bored.

     The Down Sides

   - Too Short

Even if the game is good, it is quite short. And that is something people don’t appreciate. Gamers don’t want to spend 5 minutes on a game, they want to use hours of their lives to complete games until there is nothing else they can do but switch to another one. With only a dozen levels, Zomballoons has a weak point.


Zomballoons is short and sweet. If you’re looking for a way to spend time on a game, don’t play it, it won’t fulfill your wish. However, if you do want to have some quick fun, I recommend playing Zomballoons.

Do I recommend this game: Yes.

Is it one of my favorites: No.

My vote: 7/10

~ Jason

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