List of Free Arcade Games on Xbox Live Arcade

A list of free games available for download on XBLA.

  • Aegis Wing- This game is still available and will always be free. It was made by interns at Xbox LIVE and features 4 player co-op.
  • Dash of Destruction – this game is no longer available because the contract deal is over. It was a game made to promote Doritio’s chips and had really easy achievements. 
  • Yaris – This game is also no longer available for the same reason as Dash of Destruction. It was a promotional game and most of the achievements were fairly easy. 
  • Hexic HD – This game comes preloaded on all Xbox HDDs and if you lost it/deleted it you can call Microsoft and ask for a free download code. 
  • TotemBall – This game is ALSO not available (Why does Microsoft hate giving us free stuff?) it requires the Xbox LIVE vision cam. 
  • Hasbro Family Game Night – This game is “Technically” free, while the game is free you have to buy each individual part of the game (i.e. battleship, connect 4, etc.) separately for 800 Microsoft Points each.
  • Game Room – Again this is only “Technically” free. You have to buy each individual arcade game separately. 

  • Dorito’s Crash Course – A new promotional game released by Dorito’s, like Dash of Destruction was. The achievements are slightly harder to get in this one.

  • Harm’s Way – Another new promotional game released by Dorito’s with very easy achievements.
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