Mass Effect 3: Indoctrination Theory

A discussion on the ending to mass effect three and what the indoctrination theory is.

I’ve been very confused about the endings (or ending I should probably say) to Mass Effect 3 recently. The main reason is that, to my mind, they just make no logical sense!

Without wanting to spoil the ending too much for people I will simply sum it up with this brief description. “I’m a God child that’s going to make some genocidal synthetics to stop organics from making genocidal synthetics”…is your mind blown yet?

Did it ruin the entire game?  NO!!! Please don’t get me wrong, all the Mass Effect games are simply amazing with 3 being arguably the best, but I can easily see how that ending would leave a sour taste in many game’s mouths. The problem only lies with literally the last five minutes of the game and basically you have three “choices”. (here’s the spoiler!) 

To control the Reapers, as the Illusive man wanted.

  • To Destroy the Reapers, as the Alliance wanted.
  • Creating a new, synthetic based DNA, ending the war through the now names “space magic”.

None of these choices made any sense for dozens of reasons but at the end of the day the thing that bugs me the most is that NOTHING you did throughout the entire game(s) changes the last cut-scene after you pick your “solution”, the only difference is the colour of the explosion and whether a reaper falls over or flys away…that’s simply it! 

The Indoctrination Theory

This is my favourite theory to explain the endings to Mass Effect 3, whether Bioware intended this or not I personally think this would be something the company will latch onto in some form with the extended cut dlc. Anyway here’s a brief overview of the theory and if you want to find out more have a look at the video down at the bottom.

  • Everything that takes place after you get hit with the reapers beam isn’t real, it all represents Shepard’s internal conflict against the Reaper indoctrination fighting his/her willpower. All the events on the unknown part of the Citadel are happening in Shepard’s mind, as is the battle with the Illusive Man and the death of Anderson in a sot of Angel and Devil on the shoulder scene. Even the god child offering Shepard an easy way out. 

I won’t claim to have come up with this theory, but I wouldn’t have brought it up without significant evidence. Watch the video below and just try to tell me they’re wrong. Argue all you want, but the only possibilities are:

  • Bioware f***ed up their biggest franchise’s final plot point
  • Bioware ingeniously sowed seeds that will blossom into an amazing ending

I know which of those two i would rather be true!

Watch the explanation below and start getting ready for the extended cut dlc!

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