Minecraft 1.2.3

Info on Minecraft 1.2.3 and jungles that come with it.

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Ever heard of Minecraft? It is that game that your friend mentioned once or twice but never really got recognized. It’s that game where you build things. It’s that game where you do whatever you want! People who have it love it, but they never say anything about it.

It is a vary entertaining game, and practically you can do whatever you want! Build castles mansions new world wonders. All this power is on the tips of your fingers weather you play with infinite building materials or start from scratch and work up. This game provides endless hours of entertainment and gave me a solution to boredom. This game can be purchased from minecraft.net for 30 dollars to this date.


Well back to what the title suggests In Minecraft there are continual updates. (This makes the game more fun!) In these updates new things and ideas are created. Some things stick and some things are taken away depending on the Minecraft community response (whoever owns the game.) In the past couple of weeks there was a update that added many new things. Among these were Jungles Iron Giants Rare Drops Cats and lots more.

What some people are wondering is if Jungles make Minecraft too easy. I have owned Minecraft sense it was in 1.4.3 and i found it hard. I had to search for wood and build small houses to sleep in at night (hey I was a newbie) as updates progressed new things were added. Jungles are one of my favorite things but, are they to common? A jungle has practically unlimited wood and unlimited food (mining leaves to get apples). You are generally safe at night considering jungles are so pact that it is hard for mobs to spawn there making it a safe haven. Also jumping and landing on vines does not kill you no matter your height. Is this unfair. NO, but It is a great benefit. These Jungles need to become more rare and hard to find. I created 3 new worlds right in a row and I could see a Jungle from my spawn point. Don’t take me wrong I love the new features but the way they are so common makes the game a little too easy

What does everyone think? (comment below)

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  1. Posted March 6, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    I played minecraft for like 6 months. 1.7.3 was my favourite version. Challenging yet fun.

    Though from 1.9 onwards the game just became to simple. Especially being able to breed animals (infinite source of food) and NPC villages (easy farms)

    From what you’ve said, I’d say the game is still heading in the wrong direction.

    Anyhow, good article.

  2. Posted March 6, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    ya I agree with you it all started in 1.7.3 and went down from there. Breeding animals I forgot about that… They also added tame cats that you can use to chase away creepers. (Way to easy)

  3. george
    Posted March 9, 2012 at 1:10 am

    but with mo’creatures it adds more enimies like ogres.wraiths, wolves(untamable and hostile) and more creeps and wierdos adds mostly enimies so there try those two mods and see how far u get without dieing on normal or hard none of that peacefull bull

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