Mount and Blade Warband Overview

A short and brief review on the sandbox RPG Mount and Blade Warband.

On the world map you will see a little avatar which represents you and your troops, then you will be able to see other little avatars which show different parties which are also on the map. By default when you go on the map the game will be paused until you click a destination for your character to travel to. After you select a spot for your party to head to it will take a little time for your character to move from where they are to where you want to go and you have to be careful because there are parties of bandits which will rob you of your money and items and take you captive, meaning that they drag you around the map until you manage to escape.

When on the map there are towns which you can visit along with villages and castles. The Towns are where you will find markets and things to buy, the castles are fortresses for battles and A.I. Lords to live in and villages are so that you have someplace to get fresh recruits from. The Towns will be rather large icons and will have really large names above them and the castles will look like towns only not quite so big and they do not have the large name above them. Villages look like little village icons with a few wooden buildings around a couple of dusty streets and as mentioned above you will only need to visit these for certain quests, to obtain fresh recruits, or if you need food for your party badly you can stop here to buy some quick and easy if you are a decent distance from a Town.

4. Combat

Combat in this game is amazing! You can either fight on foot or on horse and in battles you are actually there in the thick killing enemies for yourself and your team. In the battles you have whichever weapons you have bought or been given along with armor and equipment and you from either a horse or foot have to slash at the enemy! Parry their thrust! Block their slash! Snipe them down one by one! Along with other things as well. During battles you get to command your troops and tell them what to do, your troops on the battlefield come from the troops in your party and the enemies you face are other parties from the world map. I cannot describe the experience of combat in Warband because it is so unique it puts you down there in the thick where you have to be able to perform or face the consequences.

5. Final Word

 The last few things are that if you want to have a game where to the fullest extent possible at this time you can pretend to be on a medieval battlefield fighting against other knights for loot or pillage, tavel around the world and many other things than you should at least try the demo for this game and if you are anything like me you will end up with the full version after you spend a few hours maxing out all the trial characters you are allowed to access and still want a fuller experience you are going to want to buy this game and spend some time on it!

This review is based on my experiences and experiences that I have seen or heard of through youtube or another source. If you want more information than is posted  here visit and go onto the forums where you will be able to find all kinds of information and people willing to help.

Depending on the type of response this gets, with views and such I may submit more guides in this series and go more in-depth on the different types of settlements, factions, character builds, and more.

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