Naruto: Broken Bond

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Extremely tough tests await the ramen eating ninja Naruto and his friends since the war come to Konoha. Now it’s time to put all the intense ninja training to the test …

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja was a real shock in autumn darkness when it was released almost exactly a year ago before this game with plenty of exploring pleasure, huge variety and almost ridiculously colorful graphics. In the sequel, things are not so happy, but not because of the game’s quality, but on the fact that there is hard times in the wonderful world of Naruto.

The Broken Bond will take on directly where its predecessor left off with the brutal battles in Naruto’s hometown of Konoha. You get thrown straight into the fateful match between Konoha leaders, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and his old student, Orochimaru. A match that ends with Orochimaru getting serious injuries but while Sarutobi lose their lives. Something that course than a much gloomier tone already in the game’s opening minutes.
The previously beautiful and colorful in Konoha is now destroyed, burnt out and very gray. And since Konahas leaders have succumbed in the fighting the first thing you do in Naruto: The Broken Bond to participate in a really subtle funeral. All this follows manganese perfect and it also builds a lot of adrenaline. After trained force in the first game it’s finally time for some serious game play. 

Naruto will be called upon to comply with his old teacher jiraya (who was also one of Sarutobis old students) to look for a replacement to become leader of Konoha. The man is looking Tsunade, the third and last in Sarutobis student troika where all three became terribly strong and powerful ninja with very different fates. Meanwhile, Naruto’s friend Sasuke increasingly frustrated at how strong Naruto has become, and are attracted by the completely wrong way to become more powerful in order to once again be able to avenge his brother who killed their entire family.

While Naruto: Rise of a Ninja most of all felt like a perfect simulation of the Naruto universe, it takes several hours into The Broken Bond before you get the same freedom to do what you want. Instead circuits is much more about the story this time, so it feels like a whole new game and not just more of the same. We’re small picturesque villages, major cities, meet interesting people, practicing martial arts and explores the immense surroundings. At least ten hours it took just to cope with the basic story, and then you have still avoided the next all the fun is actually to do besides.

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