Pokedex – Rhydon 112

Kanto Region.

Rhydon is a rock and ground type Pokemon that is evolved from a Rhyhorn upon reaching level 42. Rhydon can be evolved into a Rhyperior if it is given a Protector and then traded. Depending on which Pokemon Video game you are currently playing, Rhydon’s special ability can either be Lightning Rod or Rock Head. Rhydon looks a lot like Rhyhorn, the only change really is that Rhyhorn is on all 4 legs while Rhydon is standing. Now for all the facts about Rhydon!

  • Rhydon is 6 feet and 3 inches tall
  • Rhydon weighs 264.6 pounds
  • Rhydon’s shiny form is a light tan color
  • Rhydon’s name is derived from the words rhino and don
  • Rhydon’s secret ability is Reckless

If you read my last Pokemon article about Rhyhorn you will be aware and know that Rhyhorn can basically be found in almost every Pokemon game. (Besides Pokemon Black) So I suggest you go to that article and just catch a Rhyhorn to level up. If you want a quicker method, Rhydon can be caught in a few of the games as well. The full list of locations is below.

  • Yellow/Blue/Red - In Cerulean Cave
  • Crystal - On Victory Road
  • Pearl/Diamond - On Stark Mountain and also on Routes 227 and 228
  • Platinum - On Stark Mountain and Victory Road. Also on Routes 227 and 228
  • SoulSilver/HeartGold - In the Safari Zone

If you are too lazy to evolve a Rhyhorn you can always either trade or migrate in order to get a Rhydon into your game. Rhydon is definitively one of those Pokemon that just becomes so much more powerful upon evolving him. Rhydon learns a few different moves from Rhyhorn, but these different moves are very powerful and useful in battle. I have listed every move that Rhydown learns below.

  • Level 42 - Hammer Arm
  • Level 45 - Stone Edge
  • Level 49 - Earthquake
  • Level 57 - Megahorn
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