Pokedex – Tangela 114

Kanto Region.

Tangela is a grass type Pokemon that can be evolved into a Tangrowth if it knows the move, Ancient Power, and then levels up. Depending on which Pokemon video game you are currently playing, Tangela’s special ability can either be Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard. Tangela is basically just a bush with red boots on and the only part of its face that you can see is its eyes. Now onto the random facts about Tangela.

  • Tangela is 3 feet and 3 inches
  • Tangela weighs 77.2 pounds
  • Tangela’s name is a derived from the word tangle
  • Tangela’s shiny form has green vines instead of blue
  • Tangela’s secret ability is Regenerator

Tangela is one of those generation 1 Pokemon that basically no one remembers until they see a picture of it. Trust me I was the same way. When I saw the location list for Tangela for the first time I was really surprised. There are a lot more locations than I initially thought there was! I am sure you will be surprised as well once you see the list below.

  • Blue/Red - On Route 21
  • Yellow – In the Safari Zone
  • Crystal/Silver/Gold - On Mount Silver and on Routes 21, 28, and 44
  • LeafGreen/FireRed - At Treasure Beach and on Route 21
  • Platinum - In the Great Marsh
  • SoulSilver/HeartGold - See the regular Silver and Gold
  • White/Black - In the Giant Chasm and on Route 13

Basically the only games that don’t have Tangela are Diamond, Pearl, and all of the generation 3 games. For these games you will either have to trade or migrate in order to get Tangela. You probably think Tangela is not a good Pokemon to have in your party at all but Tangela has some extremely powerful grass moves that can do a lot of damage to any rock type. Once you get to level 54 and learn Power Whip he should be even better. Check out the list below for all the moves that Tangela can learn.

  • Level 5 - Sleep Powder
  • Level 8 - Absorb
  • Level 12 - Growth
  • Level 15 - Poison Powder
  • Level 19 - Vine Whip
  • Level 22 - Bind
  • Level 26 - Mega Drain
  • Level 29 - Stun Spore
  • Level 33 - Ancient Power (Needed to evolve)
  • Level 36 - Knock Off
  • Level 40 - Natural Gift
  • Level 43 - Slam
  • Level 47 - Tickle
  • Level 50 - Wring Out
  • Level 54 - Power Whip
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