Pokedex – Tauros 128

Kanto Region.

Tauros is basically just a giant bull with horns. Tauros is only a normal type Pokemon and does not evolve at any point. Depending on which Pokemon video game you are currently playing Tauros’ special ability can either be Intimidate or Anger Point. Every single Tauros is a male and the only way to breed it is by using a Ditto. Now for the random facts about Tauros.

  • Tauros is 4 feet and 7 inches tall
  • Tauros weighs 194.9 pounds
  • Tauros’ shiny form is yellow with a green mane
  • Taurus’ name is derived from the latin word Taurus which means bull
  • Tauros’ secret ability is Sheer Force

Tauros is one of the most real looking Pokemon out there. By that I mean it just looks like a regular bull with nothing different about it. Tauros really is not a popular Pokemon but was one of the most common Pokemon  cards when the trading card game was first released. Tauros can be found in a few of the Pokemon games but I would not call him common. Check below for the full list of Tauros’ locations.

  • Yellow/Blue/Red - In the Safari Zone
  • Silver/Gold - On Route 38 and 39
  • Crystal - Only on Route 38
  • LeafGreen/FireRed - In the Safari Zone
  • Pearl/Diamond - On Route 209 and 210
  • Platinum - Only on Route 210
  • SoulSilver/HeartGold - In the Safari Zone and on Route 38, 39, and 48

If Tauros can not be caught in the Pokemon game that you need him in you can always either trade or migrate to get Tauros in any game you want. Tauros is a fairly weak Pokemon until you get really high in level. This is due to the fact that Tauros does not learn any good moves until he reaches a high level. Once you unlock Thrash and Giga Impact, your Tauros will start to become a lot more useful. See the full list of moves below for yourself.

  • Level 8 - Horn Attack
  • Level 11 - Scary Face
  • Level 15 - Pursuit
  • Level 19 - Rest
  • Level 24 - Payback
  • Level 29 - Zen Headbutt
  • Level 35 - Takedown
  • Level 41 - Swagger
  • Level 48 - Thrash
  • Level 55 - Giga Impact
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