Games for 128 Mb Graphics Card

Even a dumb computer can play these games.

PC gamers have a very frequent problem-Many games do not run on their PCs. I am also one of these gamers having a 256 MB graphics card. I have tried many high graphics game on my PC, some of them run while many do not. I have written this article for all the gamers out there who have low memory graphics card.

The  games that you can play on a 128 and 256 MB graphics card are-

1.GTA San Andreas-

Needs no introduction. we all are familiar with the best GTA game till now(according to me). This game can be played on a 128 MB graphics card, though i suggest you to lower all the graphic options in the game settings for better gameplay.

2.Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

This is a very nice game and specially harry potter fans will love this game. It is filled with wand-duels from the begining to the end and features the best spell-casting experience.The game is fully packed with action and player will find it very addictive(like me).

3.The Sims 1,2,3-

A very brilliant game from EA where you will be able to live a life, go to work, marry, eat, pee, drink etc. You can read full review from It can also run well on windows 7.

4.Area 51-

The game is based upon the theme where a virus infects all the workers of area 51 and they all become Zombies. The game have good graphics and can be downloaded with the size of just 242Mb. You can download it in compressed form(just google it).

5.Far Cry-

The game follows the story of a U.S special Forces Operative in search of a reporter gone missing and shooting creatures made by a mad scientists.

6.Prince of Persia series-

The prince of persia series follows the story line of a prince…………….. the story is very complicate and i cannot explain it to you but the game is a great play.

Some more games are-

Serious Sam, Devil may cry, Left for dead, Mummy, Batman vengeance, Assasin’s creed, GTA 3,vice city, counter strike and so on

My column-

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