Resident Evil Four Unlockables

Everything you can unlock in Resident Evil four and how. Also a few tips to help you beat pro mode.

Alternative backround in main menu-beat the game on normal

Professonal mode-beat the game on normal

Leons cop costume-beat the game on normal

matilda-beat the game on normal

Ada’s campaign-beat the game on normal

inifident launcher-beat the game on normal

PRL laser cannon-beat the game on pro

chicago typewriter-beat the game on normal

HAND CANNON-get 5 stars (60000 points) on all 4 mercenaries maps

leons gangster costume-beat game on normal

Ashleys popstar costume and knight armor costume-beat game on normal

chicago typewriter 4 ada-beat assignment ada

all mercenary characters-get at least 4 stars on each map

TIPS: Fighting Krauser in pro mode is very difficult. I found a way to kill him easily without even wasting a bullet. I used my knife on him and saved a lot of ammo. KNife his feet then when he kneels knife him again and repeat that till he is dead. Another great tip is for killing saddler, I killed him with only 8 pistal shots. i shot both red explosive barrels when he was next to him (if you didnt know to do extra damage when he is stunned you can climb and knife him). Dont forget to use the lever that sends the steel bars on him too. Then just shoot the eyes on his legs when they are open and if you hit him he will be stunned. Evuntualy after shooting 6 times Ada will give you the rocket launcher.

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