Bio Hazard Revelations

The new adventure game fans Bio Hazard.

Name Bio Hazard (Resident Evil) by Cap-com is a guarantee of quality in the world of video games. Since its emergence in 1996, each serial title was always greeted enthusiastically by fans. Series beginning with the Bio Hazard known survival horror elements, namely the player uses a rigorous strategy to accomplish the mission with very limited resources. Then, since the Bio Hazard 4, the concept changed emphasis on action.

Although the latest series Bio Hazard still favored, some fans longed for the return of the concept of survival horror.

Cap-com finally the desire to serve through the Bio Hazard series Revelations, which comes to the Nintendo 3DS portable machine. Duo the same character is the protagonist Jill Valentine and Chris Red-field.

For fans of Hollywood movies, the background may Bio Hazard Revelations reminiscent of a film called Deep Rising, released in 1998. In the film a group of people trapped in a giant octopus-controlled boat. Jill and Chris are now facing a similar situation the ship which was to come filled with dangerous zombie.

In battle, players can choose a first person perspective or third person. Weapons can be replaced without having to enter the menu. Game is also compatible with the Slide Pad, which adds an analog button on the right side of the machine 3DS.

Armament gradually improved. Starting from the standard Beretta M92F pistol, assault rifle Heckler & Koch G36 tough, even rocket launchers.

Players who prefer action than survival horror elements are also not forgotten by Cap-com. This game provides Raid Mode. With the mode character can freely scatter ammunition. Mode can be played on-line or wireless with the owners of other nearby 3DS machine.

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