Resident Evil – Series

What’s good and bad about it.

Resident Evil is a very well known series of movies, enjoyed by many, unknown for some, and hated by others. But why causes so many discrepancies withing the population?

What I personally don’t like about the movies is the time difference between them. Don’t agree with me? Then, let’s check shall we?

On the first movie, we get the story, and basic knowledge. The second one starts a few days after the first one finishes, so we don’t have to wonder, much, what happened in between. But between two and three, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? I mean, first, they get out the compound with Olivera, Valentine and Ashford, but then, JUMP, Valentino suddenly disappears Ashford as well, Olivera is with Redfield and K-Mart and the convoy. I mean, WHAT HAPPENED? How did Alice found out she was being tracked? How did she leave them? What was she doing in the time lapse between leaving Olivera and finding Redfield? Hunting? Probably, but it is a stone killer to have to wonder.

And then, there’s the descrepancies. On the third, it says it’s five years later, but, on the intro of the fourth, it’s, oh Goddess… 4 years later instead. What, did she back out the intro one year then jumped into the future again to look for Redfield and K-Mart? Man, talk about confusing.

Another stupid thing that happens, Olivera survived infection on the third because of the anti-virus. She said, it would cause selective mutation, which should mean he’d now be immune, HOW THE HECK DID HE THEN GOT INFECTED AGAIN, on the third?

And here’s what really cracks me up, the hottie portrayed by Michelle Rodrigues, Rain Ocampo, she died on the first movie. A shot in the head, what supposedly means, no returning no way, no how… yet, SHE ALIVE ON THE FIFTH.

Can we say, confusing much?

Have they actually thought on the script that much?

And the terror factor… Let’s consider THAT.

The first one is scary because we all know there’s a change it might happen. Different outcomes of course, but we all fear, because, who the hell knows what scientists are doing behind our backs?

The second one, is scary, because it’s the consequences of the first.

The third… hum… somehow the T-virus infected crows just don’t work for me. If it’s for them to be infected, hell, make them infected-looking, not just eye scary. I mean, the T-virus infected dogs were creepy and, let’s be honest, infected, but the crows? Hell, if it’s to be that weak don’t bother.

The new looking virus, well, that got a kick outta me. I actually liked it.

The fourth, what the hell was that tall creepy thing with a hammer? I mean, that’s using too much alteration that the T-virus cannot create.

And the fifth, well, I only saw the trailer, it hasn’t come out yet, but… uh… DRAGONS? Come on… If the fake factor was starting before, well now it has gone overboard. PLEASE, just get back to the simplicity of the first.

One thing, though, I give kudos for. It’s the build up. The sequence and line of events on the spreading of the infection and the effects. (Visually I mean. We already established the time line is weak and dysfunctional.)

But even despite all these things I just pointed out, YOU CAN’T GET ME to stop watching. I get a kick out of it every time, every time.

Let’s watch it all over again? I’m starting now.

See ya.

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  1. terrex
    Posted April 10, 2012 at 11:22 am

    very very well written

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