Star Wars Old Republic Cheats

A fun game that has many cheats and hints. here they are.

In the next couple of minutes i am going to tell you all about the best star wars the old republic cheats.

The old republic cheat: 

     First go to   Go to Manaan and into the under water facility. Next, equip your teammates with your best armor and equipment and save your progress in the game right in front of the pressurized door. Than unequip all the valuable items.  Go into the door.  Go right back in and you will notice that your teammates’ equipment is still on. It is also in your inventory.  As far as I know you can do this as many times as you want. It’s your choice to keep it, or sell it for big bucks. 

Another the old republic cheat is:

     Go to the appartement where the guy wanted to fake his death and you help him.  When you get the charges to help him blow it up, use a free camera rome. After he blows his appartment up and there is this big block like thing is in the door way.  Go through the roof of the hall way and you will see and gaint windmill thats blocking the door.

A the old republic hint:

     On Manaan, if you choose to poison the big fish in order to kill it, you’ll also poison the water. This causes a massive shortage in medpacs for the rest of the game, driving their prices sky-high.

Another helpful hint:

     The best Jedi Robes in the game are made, not found. As we all know by now, the Star Forge is a factory, not a fortress, and I bet you want to know if you can make that factory work for you. Well, you can. On Deck 2 in the Star Forge, you can take a left or a right. If you take the left path you can get to a computer room. In the computer room, slice the computers, and one will let you make 3 rather crappy armors but also let you make customized robes. If you’re of the light side, the robe gives you +5 defense, +2 to all saves, and +5 wisdom.

     They are the only the old republic cheats that I know.

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