Sticky Linky

Puzzle physics game.

Sticky linky is a browser game I’ve stumbled upon in a nickelodeon gaming site(which shows ads in every game, natural for a tv company).

Sticky linky is a puzzle physics game, a favorite genre I like. The goal here is to “crease some pieces by clicking a group of at least five of the same color then get them again with a group of the same colors.

The game has 20 levels, possibly more. As I played the first levels, it is rather easy, but there may be factors that can cause a pain in the ass when you’re in those end-game levels.

One such factor is the mana bar or circle(how did mana get here? I really do not know). The mana circle composes of your clicks, once you can’t click, you may probably have to restart the level.

The game sets on a beach/island, and new pieces stack up as the game progresses(like one of those bubble shooter games).

You can check this game out if you have some time to spare, but I would rather spend it on something else.

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