Suicides Have Destroyed The Ship Cost $ 1200 in Eve Online

EVE online pc news.

EVE online pc Suicides Have Destroyed

EVE online pc game from Icelandic developer CCP Games has always been a game that centers on PvP, in which even the PvE-players in EVE online pc never can feel safe and secure – users are in a vast universe, where rules of decency and “flew out the window.” This thesis is well supported conducted last week in suicide attack on the CEO of gaming corporations Quantanamo, flying into outer space with a high level of security on your boat Marauder Class Paladin.

Similar cases in EVE online pc – is not uncommon, however, this case was an exception because of the high cost of rare and very expensive equipment officer modules are installed on to the ship.

Their total value amounted to over 30 billion ISK, which translated into the real money is $ 1,200. Roughly half of that stuff got in the form of prey attacked the ship pilots from corporations Honorless Internet Jerks, Ex Obscuritas, Suddenly Ninjas, etc.

If we translate the value in PLEX, then this money can be paid 7 years of playing time.

What has happened has proved once again that nowhere in EVE online pc the world of New Eden no one can feel completely safe. Previously, we reported on the case where a skirmish with the ship were destroyed in 1974 PLEX, but today’s case, this record is blocked.

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