How to Beat Iggy Koopa in New Super Mario Bros Wii

Iggy Koopa is back for New Super Mario Bros Wii world 5. Follow some simple Nintendo Wii tips to beat this Koopa and continue on through the video game.

So far you have done battle with four of the Koopa Kids, and if you know the Nintendo games, you know there are several more kid battles to come. In world 5 you will need to fight Iggy Koopa two different times. The first time you face him will be at the world 5 castle tower. Most of the other Koopa Kid battles for New Super Mario Bros Wii have been pretty easy during the first rounds, the first round of Iggy Koopa will not be so easy. Why? Well there are three platforms that are constantly moving around that will make this battle more difficult. Nintendo wanted to make this one harder because you are getting into the later levels of the game. Iggy Koopa also made an appearance during the old days of Nintendo gaming on the Nintendo NES and on the Super Nintendo. This kid also can shoot fire balls from his wand just like his siblings can.

How to beat Iggy Koopa will be simple if you follow these tips. From the start of the battle, Iggy will be on the third platform and jump across to the other platforms. While he is jumping around, the platforms constantly will be moving in an up and down direction. When Iggy jumps over to the middle platform, wait until the platform is falling down, and then jump down onto his head. It will be easy for Super Mario to jump onto his head, while a platform is descending that the Koopa Kid is on. Remember after you hit his head, he will jump back into his shell and move around. This is going to be more tough this time around, as the platforms are continuously moving up and down. You will have to stay on your toes during this part of your Wii game or it could end quickly. Keep a close eye on where the shell is going and keep jumping over it. When Iggy comes out again, wait until the platform he is one is descending, then jump down off of a higher platform. This will make it easy to beat him quickly.

After you hit him three times, he will be defeated just like the other kids in New Super Mario Bros Wii. Continue on through the world, and you will come to the final castle. At the end of the castle, you will need to beat Iggy Koopa one more time. How to beat Iggy Koopa this time will be a little different. The little dude from Super Mario World will come out and power up Iggy. The spiked ball on the chain will grow huge, and will start to pull Iggy around the room. Iggy is in a little contraption kind of like Bowser Jr is in, but he is stuck on a railing. In other words Iggy won’t be able to move freely around the room. Just like in the past Nintendo Wii battles, you need to jump on his head three times again. Notice the platform in the center of the room that you can jump on with two donut lifts in it. Look to the far left of the room, and use the bouncing blocks to reach this platform in the middle of the room. There is also a set of bouncing blocks to the right. So how to beat Iggy Koopa?

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