Red Coins on The Floating Isle in Super Mario 64

The next star for Whomp’s Fortress on Super Mario 64 is the level called red coins on the floating isle. Go through these Nintendo Wii tips right below here.

The fourth star for this world is in the level called red coins on the floating isle. This adventure is sort of like the one you went through in the previous world, when you had to go out and search for the red coins. Now lets get onto finding all of them and getting the next star for your Super Mario 64 video game.

The first one is easy to find. Jump onto the brown path going up and on one of the moving gray stones, is the first one. Nintendo made this one easy, but you know some of the later ones will get tough. Now continue through all of the moving obstacles until you reach the blue thwomp enemy.

Now jump over to the stairs going up and you will come across another blue thwomp. Jump with Super Mario on this second blue thwomp, and wait until it goes in the air. It is here you will find the second red coin for this level in Super Mario 64. That is two down now and six to go. Continue on to the sleeping piranha plant.

Right behind this sleeping piranha is the third one. Just to the left of him on a very narrow walkway is the fourth one. Be careful or you might fall down. Go to the next sleeping piranha and jump on the moving brown platform. Out in the air is the fifth red coin. Go to the edge of this brown moving platform, and wait for it to move around.

Congrats, you are already almost done with this part of Super Mario 64. Now continue through the path that takes you to the very top of this stage. Go to the top, but don’t climb up that stone tower on top. Instead, move the camera around with your Nintendo controller, and look for the close green island nearby.

Jump on this green isle and you will get the sixth one. Now look off into the distance and you should see another one on a brown stone platform. Do a Super Mario long jump to reach over to the next green island, and to go to the seventh red coin. Nintendo made getting this one a little tough, so be careful with that super long jump.

Now onto the final and eighth one. You know that place close to the sleeping piranha, where the moving narrow brown platform is? If you stay on it you will swing around and get coins, this is where the fourth red coin was. Look down on this area, and on the steep drop is the final and eighth one. This is how you get all of the red coins for the level called red coins on the floating isle in Super Mario 64. Stay tuned for more info on this website for Super Mario 64 and other video games. For more video game tips please check this out.

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