Snowman’s Lost His Head in Super Mario 64 Nintendo Wii

This next star is for the level of cool cool mountain called snowman’s lost his head. Read through this article below and find out how you finish this part of the Super Mario 64 Nintendo game.

The fifth star for the world of cool cool mountain is in a level called snowman lost his head for Mario 64. This level might remind you of making snowmen as a kid, when you had to roll up the snowball to make it bigger. You need to do this same thing in this part of Super Mario 64. Now let’s get into this Nintendo video game.

From the very start of snowman’s lost his head, jump on top of the little brown cabin, where the baby penguin is. Now jump down a couple of snow platforms, just to the direct left of the baby penguin. Here is a wooden platform, and you will see the snowman head right there on top of this wood platform.

This is one of those levels that Nintendo has made tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Now take Super Mario over to the snow man head and it will start to roll down the mountain. Don’t use any short cuts as you go down the mountain. Don’t try to jump off and go down further more quickly.

If you do this, it can mess up the Super Mario 64 level and you won’t get the star. Nintendo programmed it in this way, so don’t do any short cuts. What you need to do is slide down the snowy mountain slide like normal. You need to slide down all the way to the bottom, until you see the body of the snow man.

Just at the bottom of the snow slide, you will see a wood platform. In earlier levels of Super Mario 64 you should have seen this strange wood platform. Now you know why Nintendo put it there. Now pretty soon the head of the snowman will come rolling out of the snow slide. You need to sort of guide it over to the body.

How do you finish snowman’s lost his head? Go behind the body of the snowman, and behind where the wood platform is. The head should roll right into the body, and then he will be complete. You need to beat the head in the race while it is rolling down hill, plus guide it over to the body to win this level of Super Mario 64.

A quick box of text will appear, and then you will get star number five for cool cool mountain. This is how you complete the snowman’s lost his head level in Super Mario 64 for Nintendo. Your collecting is almost over for this world, then you can move onto finding everything for the other worlds. If you want to finish this Nintendo game with a 100% completion, you should find all 120 stars. For more Nintendo Wii video game tips and other strategies, please check out the Gameolosophy profile that you can look at right here.

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