Through The Jet Stream Super Mario 64 Nintendo Wii

This guide will tell you how to get the star in Jolly Roger Bay for the level titled through the jet stream. Read through these Nintendo Wii tips below for your Super Mario 64 game.

It is time to go for the sixth star in Super Mario 64 for the world of Jolly Roger Bay. This level is called through the jet stream, and you literally need to go through a jet stream to get this star. Follow these simple video game tips below to get you through this part of your Nintendo Wii game.

From the start of the world in the level of through the jet stream in Mario 64, go to the edge of the water where the cannon is. Jump in the cannon and shoot across to where the floating ship is. Now from the ship, jump off the side and swim all the way down towards the bottom.

Now you need to go through the cave where you went before in Super Mario 64. At the entrance to the cave you need to swim to, there is a circled ring of yellow coins. This is the cave that has the four treasure chests where you needed to open them up in sequence, to get one of the other stars.

No you don’t need to take Super Mario over to the treasure chests inside this cave again, instead look towards the right at the green box. In here is an ability that you can only get in this Nintendo game of Super Mario 64. You get a special hat that turns you into Metal Mario, but only for a limited time.

If you have ever played another Nintendo game called Zelda Twilight Princess, this ability kind of works like the Iron Boots that Link can have in that game. It makes Mario more heavy and lets him walk on the bottom of the water. After you hit the green box, quickly return into the water and walk out under the floating ship.

Just under the floating ship, and at the very bottom of the water, is the sixth star in a fast moving stream of water. It is impossible for you to just swim to the star and get it, because of the moving air coming out of the grate. Using Metal Mario, you can now just walk over to the jet stream and grab the star.

This is how you get star number six for Jolly Roger Bay for the level called through the jet stream. This isn’t the only time you will see this green box for Super Mario 64. You will get the chance to turn into Metal Mario in other worlds of the game. This only lasts for a limited time, so quickly go over to where the star is under water before your time is up. Thanks for taking the time to read these video game tips. For other Nintendo Wii game tips and other video game articles please check out the Gameolosophy profile located right here.

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