Where is The Mega Mushroom in New Super Mario Bros Wii?

The newest game for the Super Mario series on the Nintendo Wii has many new and classic items. Can you find the Mega Mushroom in New Super Mario Bros Wii?

People have been wondering where the Mega Mushroom is in New Super Mario Bros Wii? Just what is the Mega Mushroom in the game? This special item has made an appearance in previous Super Mario video games and also in the Nintendo DS game of New Super Mario Bros. You would assume that Nintendo would also include the Big Mushroom for New Super Mario Bros Wii. Go ahead and search your heart out, unfortunately the game makers did not include the Mega Mushroom or Big Mushroom in New Super Mario Bros Wii. It’s simply not in the game.

Why didn’t the game makers at Nintendo put this item in the game? They didn’t want to. Maybe they wanted there to be a better focus on the multi player aspects of the game, plus put a focus on the other new items. Or maybe they just didn’t think that the Big Mushroom really wouldn’t have a part for this new video game. For whatever reason, they just decided not to put it in New Super Mario Bros Wii. So you can stop searching and searching in the game for it, it’s not there. Maybe it will return for the next Mario game on the Nintendo Wii.

If you think that the Mega Mushroom first made its way into New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS then you would be wrong. This item first came into a Nintendo game on the previous home console, the Nintendo Gamecube. No it wasn’t in the 3d platformer of Super Mario Sunshine, instead, it was first put into the game of Mario Party 4. The Mega Mushroom from Mario Party 4 lets you grow super big and crush other players.

There are several ways to get the Mega Mushroom from Mario Party 4. You can go buy it from an item shop, get it from an item bag, land on a mushroom space, or by becoming a winner for one of the mini games. This isn’t the only bigger type of mushroom that you can get in Mario Party 4. You can also get the Super Mega Mushroom which will have the same effect as the Mega one, but will give you three dice for your Mario Party 4 game.

Nintendo didn’t put the Super Mega Mushroom in any of their other video games. You will only find that one in Mario Party 4. You can also get this Mega Mushroom item from the Nintendo Wii game of Mario Kart Wii. When you are racing around in the game, you will notice item boxes all over the race tracks. It is here in the item boxes where you will find the Mega Mushroom for Mario Kart Wii. If you guessed it, yep it makes you huge.

With this you can beat your competitors and it will also cause them to slow down. You also get a special immunity where you are invincible to most of the items in the game, plus when you go off the track you will not slow down. There are however four things that can bring you down to normal Mario again. These four items are the Star, the Thunderbolt, Blooper and Bullet Bill. Watch out for them when you are Super Big in the game.

This is how to get the Mega Big Mushroom for New Super Mario Bros Wii. Or rather, this is how you can’t get the Mega Mushroom for the game. This item also makes cameo appearances in Bowser’s Inside Story for the Nintendo DS and also in the Sonic Olympics game. Maybe just maybe this item will make a comeback in another Nintendo game in the future. For other Nintendo Wii tips and tricks plus other video game info check this out.

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