World 6-5 Secret Exit New Super Mario Bros Wii

You will find the secret exit for world six in New Super Mario Bros Wii in level 6-5. Read the easy to follow Nintendo Wii tips below to finish your video game.

Here are a few quick tips for your Nintendo Wii game before you go into world 6-5. In this level there is rising water with a huge fish that keeps swimming around trying to kill you. You can easily take out this fish if you have Super Mario fire power. Just use a mushroom before you enter the world, and then jump up and hit the first few question blocks in world 6-5. You will get a fire flower and this will make it easier for you to get through this world. Get the fire power and go through the level until you reach the checkpoint flag. There are Star Coins along the way, but don’t get too worried about getting them if you just want to find the 6-5 secret exit.

Keep going to the right after the checkpoint area, and you will come across the rising water with the deadly fish. Use your fireballs to get ride of this enemy and keep progressing towards the right. When you get past some of the rising water you will see one of those blue spinning blocks towards the top of the screen. This will give you a clue as to where you can find the secret exit in 6-5. No, Nintendo didn’t really make it too obvious in this world, but you know from reading the article right here where you need to be. Look towards the bottom and to the right of where this blue block is. There is a grotto you can jump down into with water and there are four huge yellow question blocks moving in the water. The giant deadly fish is also there, so use your Super Mario fire balls.

This is the spot where you can find the entrance to the secret exit in New Super Mario Bros Wii. The water will be rising with the four giant yellow question blocks, plus the fish will be swimming around, so take out the fish before you try this move. When the water is all the way down at the bottom of the grotto, jump up between the second and third yellow moving blocks. This part is important, the water needs to be all the way at the bottom and not rising or up above near the other walkways. Between the second and third blocks is where you will find an invisible block containing a climbing vine. Jump up in the air and it is directly between the second and third yellow question blocks in the water. Go up the vine and you will be in a new area above the clouds.

Nintendo really hid this secret pretty good, as you wouldn’t guess it was there. There really are no clues around that would tell you something is hidden nearby. When you are above the clouds you can do some coin collecting, plus there is the final and third Star Coin for the world. After that you will see the red flag, which is the secret exit for world 6-5. If you want to get this final third one, you’ll need to use that little blue block that lets you fly up in the air. Otherwise, just keep going to the red flag for the end. This completes finding the secret hidden exit for world 6-5 in your New Super Mario Bros Wii game. There are also secret hidden exits for world 1, world 2, world 3, world 4 and for world 5. You can click the prior links to find out about the other Nintendo secrets that are waiting for you there.

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