RuneScape Guide: Complete Barrows (Tips, Tricks, Secrets)

This is one of my many articles of my Series entitled Runescape Guides. I name this section “Complete Barrows” This section focuses on providing a complete Barrows guide.

Verac the Defiled (Level 115):

Verac has a very devasting effect which makes him very troublesome and in most cases; deadly. Unless Verac is farcasted, you CANNOT block his attacks.

Verac is the only brother who has the ability to hit through but ARMOUR and PRAYER. Although Prayer DOES reduce his chances to hit, ARMOUR has no noticable effect.

Verac is the only brother who is NEVER safe. Until he has been slain, he is as much of a threat as any other brother, if not more. Magicians should have little trouble with Verac if they bind, since he cannot melee from afar. But on a contrary, meleers will find Verac the most awkward of the brothers.

Whatever your scenario, NEVER underestimate ANY brother, especially Verac. It is far from rare to see people run away and pray melee thinking that they are safe.

How to go about Barrows?

There are a variety of methods to do this. You can pick any, but I will display the recommended stats and a progress check to see if this method is right for you!


I will start with the most popular method:

Magic: The slayer dart.

50+ Magic.
50+ Defence (recommended).

Kill in the order of: Karil -> Dharok -> Ahrim -> Guthan -> Verac -> Torag.

The slayer dart is renown for exceptional cost-effectiveness. It can kill the brothers at a fast rate. Runes are replaced with chests. Can use melee armour for defence because of the melee brother’s low defence. Karil has a magic level of 1, hence barely any magic defence.

This does not work effectively on Ahrim. Because of this, an alternative source of offense is recommended here. Furthermore, when fighting creatures in the tunnel, it would be a waste to use up casts.

Weapon: Staff of light > Slayer Staff
Shield: Mage’s book > Unholy book > Ancient book
Helmet: Ahrim’s hood > Infinity > Melee armour/Dagon’hai hat > Mystic hat.
Torso: Ahrim > Infinity > Dagon’hai > Mystic/Melee armour
Legs: Ahrim > Infinity > Dagon’hai > Mystic/Melee armour
Gloves: Barrows > Dragon > Rune > Adamant > Infinity
Boots: Infinity > Mystic > Dragon
Cape: God cape > Fire cape > Soul Wars > Skillcape > Legends > Obsidian
Amulet: Arcane stream > Arcane blast > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory > Amulet of Power
Ammo – None

Note: This setup IS NOT tailored to each player’s preference. If you find a setup which works better for you, do use it.

Can you kill at this rate?

Ahrim – Varies
Dharok – 6-9
Guthan – 6-9
Karil – 6-10
Torag – 6-9
Verac – 6-10

Ahrim – Varies
Dharok – 10-13
Guthan – 10-13
Karil – 11-14
Torag – 10-13
Verac – 11-14

Ahrim – Varies
Dharok – 10-25
Guthan – 14-18
Karil – 15-21
Torag – 14-18
Verac – 15-20

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