Smash Bros Brawl (Hacks?) How to

Its lots of fun!

This is one way to hack smash bros brawl! Its Really easy,

1. Get an sd card and put it into your computer or a computer with an sd card slot not sdhc JUST SD

2. Make sure you can get the homebrew channel first. Search youtube for some hombrew tutorials.

3. Get a program on brawlvault website called codemanager

4. Use the cheats included in code manager to start getting cheats/ hacks for smash bros brawl

5. (the tricky part) Place that homebrew channel on the root of your sd card.

6. Make a folder in the sd card called “codes”

7. get Gecko os (also found in tutorials from youtube)

8. Place the hacks you made in code manager into the “codes” folder of your sd card. “codes” should be in the root of the sd card

9. After you’ve installed hombrew and added Gecko OS to your homebrew channel start Gecko OS

10. Launch the game through Gecko OS the cheats should show up after launch

While your in the game the cheats will already be activated if you do this Right. The Gecko OS program should on your wii, tell you that SD codes were found. This means you’ve done something right.


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