SSBB: The Wombo Combo

The Wombo Combo is a sacred combo, created by players SilentSpectre and Tang in the game Super Smash Bros. Melee. This combo is used in doubles matches, usually when only one person remains on the opposing team. I plan to write about my thoughts on this great moment of Smash history.

First off, I will describe what the wombo combo is and how it is performed.

The Wombo Combo is performed by using the characters Fox and Captain Falcon in a 2v2 doubles match in the game Super Smash Bros. Melee (not Brawl), uploaded by a YouTube user called “Lumpycpu” on December 8, 2008. The first ever Wombo Combo was used on ‘Zhu’, who was using Fox at the time of the unthinkable.

The following is a list of steps on how to perform the Wombo Combo:

1) Fox  – Grabs opponent
2) Captain Falcon – Neutral Air, first kick misses, but second kick hits. (no knockback due to the grab)
3) Fox -  Forward throw
4) Captain Falcon – Grab opponent again, but facing same direction as Fox.
5) Captain Falcon – Back throw
6) Fox – Shine, up smash
7) Captain Falcon – Runs off the stage, and uses the Knee of Justice.

Link to the actual video:


When I first saw the video in late 2008, I thought to myself: “Oh, another stupid combo that some noobs posted in hopes of getting some views.”

I was wrong.

Not only was the combo a spectacular performance of win and Zhu’s painful demise at the hands of SilentSpectre and Tang, it has revolutionized the doubles (2v2) metagame for Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Before the Wombo Combo video was created, “combos” in 2v2 matches consisted of one person grabbing the opponent and the other person charging up their most powerful attack (usually a smash attack).

But now, many players try to perform unique combos, similar to the Wombo Combo. Of course, usually this type of imitation involves a shitload of failure.

However, there are also very good videos of Wombo Combos as well – just not as good as the original in my opinion.

Besides the performances of the Wombo Combo, the most funny part was the background audio of the players yelling during the combo. The bellows of “WHERE YOU AT?!” and “THAT AIN’T FALCO?!” only assisted the video in being one of the best Smash moments of all time.

But, such great audio shouldn’t be used in just one video. Not long after, a user on YouTube called “PakmanOnCrack” created what he called “Wombo Combo ‘Spoofs’”. These Wombo Combo ‘Spoofs” consisted of using the Wombo Combo audio from the original video and adding it over other videos (which were usually hilarious in its own).
This idea of creating Wombo Combo ’spoofs’ spread around the YouTube community faster than swine flu in Queens, NY.

The most popular Wombo Combo ‘Spoof’ would have to be:
- uploaded by PakmanOnCrack on February 4, 2009.

I actually saw the original video a long time ago before, but adding the Wombo Combo audio over it just made it 9000x funnier.

That’s it for my analysis and thoughts on the legendary Wombo Combo.

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