Super Smash Bros. Melee Unlockable Maps

A quick guide explaining how every map is unlocked. This opens up new ways to laugh and have fun.

This guide should help you unlock all the maps. Some are hard and I haven’t even unlocked one. (My friend has though) There are a total of 11 maps to get. Most are unlocked when another activity is achieved.

The first four maps are gotten from match battles, according to my friend you can get them random each time, but for me I’ve gotten them this way (*This means it is for sure a default).

The first is at 50 matches*, the second at 100 matches*, the next at 150 matches* and the last if you haven’t guessed 200 matches*. The maps that would be unlocked in my order is as follows: Planet Zebes: Brinster Depths, Eagleland: Fourside, F-Zero Grand Prix: Big Blue and the last is Kanto Skies: Poke Floats.

The next map you can get is Mushroom Kingdom ll. You get this map once you get either the Birdo, or Pidget trophy. (Not that hard right?)

The next one is unlocked when you unlock Mr. Game & Watch and beat classic mode with him. That map is known as Superflat World: Flat Zone.

Once you have All-Star mode unlocked beat it once with any character once to unlock the flat map called Battlefield.

The last easy map to get is Dream Land from the original Super Smash Bros. (SSB). All you have to do is complete Target Test successfully with all 25 characters. This can be hard, but it is easier than the once to come.

The last four are difficult and might take a while to complete. The first is Yoshi’s Island from SSB. You must hit 1,323 feet or more in the Homerun Contest with Yoshi. It doesn’t mean you get to add multiple times. (I’ve been asked this before) The next is pretty hard. Finish 15-minute Man Melee with any character (You can use Donkey Kong’s down+B ground slap to help beat this tough fight). The guys you fight get annoying and hit little, but it adds up quick. This will get you the original Donkey Kong map from SSB.

The last map (the one I haven’t gotten yet is Final Destination. This requires you to beat all 51 Event Matches. The 51st is the hardest. You must beat both hands, Crazy and Normal, at once, with both having 300 HP.

Remember it is just a game and take breaks. I hope this helps you get your full ability to have fun on this game. It’s fun to play the originals from SSB to remember good times. You can think up your own rules. Please visit some of my other articles like my SSB Melee Character unlockables.

Information gathered from my friend and myself, the Ham Man.

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    You dont have to be yoshi to get his stage

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