Team Fortress Two Class Guides: Scout

Today I take a look at the Scout, his strengths, weaknesses, his weapons, and how he should be played.

The Scout. The fast talking, fast moving baseball lover from Team Fortress 2. Today we’re going to talk about what this speed demon can do on the battle field.

Introduction: The Scout is all about speed. He’s the fastest class in the game and it’s all about using that aspect no matter how you play him. A scout can capture objectives of any kind faster than any other class when played right and typically supports a flanking hit, run, recover, and hit again strategy because he can move so fast. At default the scout comes armed with three weapons with some that can be unlocked via achievements and the other being bought, traded, or found from random drops. Either way we’ll take a look at all the weapons later.


Speed: You can outrun any class in the game besides another Scout. Use this all the time. Are you low on health? Run away, find a medkit, medic, supply cabinet, whatever will get you health, and return to the fight. you can do this faster than any other class!

Jumping: Unlike other classes the Scout has two jumps which allows for more maneuverability on top of his speed. Use this when moving around the map and when in combat to avoid taking shots. Jumping around a Heavy can make you near impossible to hit, or at least distract him from other team mates of yours that could be making a push.

Capturing: As a Scout this is going to be one of the main things you’re supposed to be doing. When someone stands on a Control Point you have one person influencing it, but as a Scout if you stand on it counts as two people! Two scouts on one CP means it counts as four people on the point. The same is true of the payload cart as a Scout pushes it twice as fast.

Open Areas: When given the area to move around and make use of obstacles use them. Jump on rocks, over people, just keep moving. Nothing is easier to kill than a scout standing still because you have low health.


Low Health: With 125 HP you’re not very durable. You’ll die quickly if one of the bigger classes decides to focus completely on you and can possibly one shot kill you. Hence why you should hit and run if things turn bad.

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