The Elder Scrolls Iv: Oblivion – Modding

A guide on how to mod Oblivion.

Oblivion is a great game, and offers a lot of game play. But do you want more? The graphics not good enough? Want new items? Want to ride a dragon?

You can do all of that – and more if you mod Oblivion, so this guide will show you how.

Firstly, go here:

I recommend creating a free account, as you can’t download larger files unless you are logged in.

Next, download this:

It is not completely neccessary, but it will make things much, much easier, most mods will be installed using this program.

Next, find the mod you want. I suggest looking through different catagories, or the top 100.

Now, after downloading it, make sure you have all requirements. Some require other mods, or different programs to install, but this guide is just for omod.

  1. Launch OBMM
  2. Click create
  3. Click add archive
  4. Browse to the mod archive you want to convert and open it (this will import the files from the selected archive)
  5. Check to make sure the data files were added with correct paths (switch to the Data Files view and make sure the file paths start with “Meshes”, “Textures”, etc.
  6. If the mod uses a plugin, right-click the main .esp file and select import mod details (this will usually fill in most of the fields for you)
  7. Fill in any blank fields (most are optional, except for name and version)
  8. Click create omod

After that, you simply press activate. A green sqaure means it is successful. Also note, seperate modes should be in different omods, you can activate multiple. This will prevent collisions of files.

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