The Sims 3: Top 10 Mods

A Top 10 list of the best mods for the Sims 3.

10. Celebrity Sims Mod

This mod adds new celebrity and real-life Sims to your game, adding some depth and familiarity to your neighborhood!

Link to mod:

9. Ultra-Speed Mod

This mod is great to speed up your game up to 1.3 times more than the highest speed multiplier! This mod speeds up your game to prevent Simmers from having to sit and wait.

Link to mod:

8. Nudity Mod

This mod is pretty self-explanitory – it disables sensors in the games, revealing what EA designers originially left out.

Link to mod:—Nude-Mod-%28No-Censor-Patch%29

7. Inteen 3:

This mod enables all romance options (woohoo, pregnancy, marriage) across age ranges between Teen, Young Adult, Adult and Elder in Sims 3. This mod also enables same-sex pregnancy.

Link to mod: Baxim Inteen 3 Mod

6. Dexter the bear:

This mod provides the option to kill other Sims, complete with an animation to match. It surely is quite the entertaining mod!

Note : This Mod is not-compatible with latest Sims 3 1.17/2.12/3.8/4.5/5.2/6.0 patches.
Link to mod:

5. No Repoman :
This mod delays the repoman from coming to your house for 365 Sim days. With this mod, you won’t have to worry about paying your bills for a long time!

Link to mod:

4. Instant Skills and Fast Increment Skill Gain!
This mod allows any Sim to learn any skill instantly, which makes it one of the most useful mods out there!

Link to mod:

3. Hidden Traits Unlocked:
This Mod unlocks traits that are normally unavailable, earning it the number 3 spot on the list!

Unlocked traits are:

Pyromaniac – Ignite random things around you
Immune to Fire – Sim becomes fireproof
Makes No Messes – Sim will not make any mess
Burglar – Sneak anywhere
Can apprehend Burglar – Should be able to apprehend burglars
Can Salute – “Salute” appears under Friendly pie menu
Pizza Appreciator – More positive mood points for eating pizza
Rocker – Natural feeling of rock-stardom

Link to mod:

2. CAS Sliders Mod

This mod adds breast, hip, waist, butt, head and more sliders to your Create-A-Sim. A definite game-changer for any Sim-creating Simmer!

Link to mod:

1. “Awesome Mod”

Simply put, this mod does it all! It includes added traits, teen romantic relations, enhances Create-A-Sim options, and more! It is a must-have mod for all Simmers!

Link to mod:,31.0.html

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