The Top Five Greatest Metroid Games

Metroid is one of gaming’s most legendary series and is distinct in that it is arguably Nintendo’s most mature first party franchise. If Metroid were a person, it would be old enough to drink and possibly be out of college. Which Metroid games are the best of the crop?

I’m no rocket scientist nor am I the professor of videogames, but at the very least, I’ve played plenty of Metroid and I’m no fan-base suck-up. The following is a totally biased view of Metroid’s greatest moments:


Metroid II: Return of Samus

Metroid II is a lot of things that no other Metroid game can be. In that sense, Metroid II is always fresh even after playing several other Metroid games. You see, the goal of Metroid II is to find and kill all of the Metroids hidden throughout the way. Of course, along the way, you will find numerous upgrades for Samus that will allow her to progress throughout the cavernous planet with more meticulousness. Big improvements to the gameplay formula over its predecessor include the ability to shoot straight down when jumping and the spider-ball. Metroid II is certainly not a very good looking game (considering that many of its areas look the same,) however it is a great example of classic Nintendo innovation at work. Also, it’s portable!


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Although Retro Studios perhaps failed to innovate on the same scale as with Metroid Prime, wasn’t that always inevitable? This game may not immediately stun in the same fashion as its predecessor, but it does bring new challenge to the table. The dark world is fairly interesting, but it does get old after a while. Regardless of the lack of innovation, Echoes is still a fantastic game. Echoes is perhaps Samus’ most difficult adventure to date. Echoes is certainly not your little brother’s Metroid and that’s what makes it so great; just one word of warning: if you are new to the Metroid Prime series, be sure to play at least one of the first two before jumping into Prime 3. The Gamecube titles hold your hand to a much lesser extent (for the better.)


Metroid: Zero Mission

Behold, the closest thing to a sequel to Super Metroid we may ever see!” In itself, that is a strange statement to make, because Zero Mission is in fact a remake of the first Metroid game. I’ll make it simple: Zero Mission is Metroid 1, only with added content and Super Metroid gameplay with a little of Metroid Fusion thrown in to spice things up. Zero Mission is a bit on the short side (6 hours of regular gameplay,) but that doesn’t stop it from completely blowing the original Metroid out of the water and being an amazing game in its own right. With the bonus zone featured after where the original Metroid leaves off, and with the inclusion of the untouched Metroid 1 on the gamepak, Metroid: Zero Mission is an absolutely fantastic purchase.


Metroid Prime

When Metroid Prime was released, Metroid was a long-dead series. All of the anticipation in conjunction with Retro Studio’s innovation really turned Metroid Prime into an event when it came out. No one could imagine what a 3D Metroid would be like and what we got was a truly special game. Everything about Prime 1 was a new experience. It was the same Metroid game as before, only, not only must Samus explore the planet to find new upgrades for her suit, but she must also scour the planet for details concerning the game’s story. The environment tells the story rather than dialogue or cutscenes. You are left alone on a planet and must endure a quest of obtaining both knowledge and power. Metroid Prime is easily the most impressive Metroid game ever created, as well as the most immersive. 


Super Metroid

Every Metroid game released before Super Metroid was just practice. Super Metroid is every bit as good as the first 2, only better. It controls better than its predecessors, looks better, sounds better, and is effing huge. The game is so huge, that, well, just play it. The scope of this game is amazing in comparison to the first Metroid. Although by today’s standards, Super Metroid’s huge world isn’t as awe-inspiring as it was years ago, it is still more than large enough for hours of addicting gameplay. Even though Super Metroid is not near as impressive as Prime, it is still more fun. Super Metroid is the best action adventure game on the SNES and easily stands the test of time

This is of course all my opinion. Metroid rules. What do you think about the Metroid series? 

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