Top 10 Best Quests in Skyrim

This list in no particular order, contains what I think are 10 of the best quests in Skyrim! They might be in here because of the storyline, the gameplay, or the rewards you gain on completion. Remember, this list is my personal opinion and you are in no way entitled to agree!

Innocence Lost

This quest  is one of the first quests for the Dark Brotherhood.  The quest requires you to sneak into an orphanage and kill off Grelod the Kind.  Her name is ironic as she is actually very awful to all of the orphans.  Killing Grelod in front of the orphans will not give you a bounty, as the kids will actually start to cheer and clap.  This quest is in the top 10 as it’s both cool and funny.

A Night to Remember

This quest is probably the funniest quest in all of Skyrim. To start the quest, you must go an inn in Skyrim and talk to Sam Guevenne.  He can be potentially be found in any of the major inns throughout Skyrim so it may take a few tries to find him.  You have a drinking competition against the man and eventually pass out.  I won’t spoil the fun of this quest, so I will just tell you that the events to follow are similar to the move “The Hangover”  this quest  is hilarious and the reward at the end is definitely worth the funny story.

The House of Horrors

This quest can be started in Markarth.  This is a Daedric Quest that involves Molag Bal. I won’t spoil the events of the quest, but it gets very controversial and a little sadistic. The reward for completion is excellent, giving this quest a definite spot in the top 10.

The Mind of Madness

This quest can be started by finding Dervenin in Solitude.  This quest leads you to meet Sheogarath, probably the craziest Daedric Prince in Skyrim.  You are required to go into a dream and solve a few different puzzles, it can be lengthy but the reward is definitely worth it.  Completion this quest will let you obtain the Wabbajack.  This staff is easily the funniest/best staff in the game.  Once you use the Wabbajack, it’ll be no surprise why this quest found its way into the top 10.

Battle For Solitude/Windhelm

Being the last battle in either the Stormcloak or Imperial storyline, this quest finds its spot in the top ten.  The quest takes you to the scene of either of the major cities (Windhelm if with the Imperials, Solitude if with the Stormcloaks) and into a raging battle.  It’s very possible that you will rack up a kill count of over 50 during this battle.  This battle is exciting and exhilarating placing this quest in the top 10.

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