Top 10 Games for Your Calculator

One thing students love about the TI-83/84 series of graphing calculators is the games you can download and play secretively during class. Here’s my top ten favorite games!

Note: In order to run games in ASM you will need to download “Mirage OS”.  Games that are apps will be selectable from the apps menu and games that are in TI BASIC will be selectable from the PRGM menu.


Phoenix is a very addicted scrolling SHMUP game.  Possibly its best feature is the powerup system.  You always want to see what new power up is the next one so you have a lot of motivation to keep playing.  I’ve spent much time in class playing this addictive game instead of learning.  This game is in ASM.


Galaxian is another SHMUP for the TI-83/84 but this one isn’t scrolling.  It’s not as good as Phoenix, but is a very good game to play when you get bored with Phoenix.  No powerups in this game, but the enemies come in different formations and you get a laser.  This game is in ASM


Pyoro is the game I’ve wasted the most class time playing.  I love this game.  It has very good graphics with its inclusion of grayscale and it even has music!  Like Phoenix, the best feature of this game is it’s unlockable content.  Playing until 30,000 points, unlock new mode, play new mode til 30,000 points, repeat is very fun and very addictive.  This game is an app.


Finnpack is a pack of two great puzzle games.  One is the classic pen and paper game, Dots.  But now, instead of playing by yourself you can play with the computer (well… calculator).  The other game is Towers of Hanoi.  This game is very mind heavy and very satisfying when you solve the puzzle.  What’s even more satisfying is figuring out the secret without looking it up!  This game is an app.

Pacman ‘99 

It’s Pacman on the calculator.  What more could you ask for?  Not much to say here, if you like Pacman then download it.  This game is in ASM.


This game isn’t really much fun after the initial fun factor wears off.  The reason it’s on this list is because the look on your peers’ face when they see this game is priceless.  It’s an FPS in 3D on a calculator.  How cool is that?  This game is in ASM.

Nibbles Arcade

There are many versions of Snake for the graphing calculator, but this version by SiCode is by far the best.  Many options allow you to customize your gameplay experience and gives it more replay value.  There are even cheats that you can unlock!   This game is written in TI BASIC.


A simple concept, you only use one button, but a great game.  Press up to go up and let gravity handle the down.  Great game to play during class because none of the games last longer than a few minutes unless you’re really good.  This game is in ASM.


Again, SiCode made the best version of this popular game for the graphing calculator.  It’s all made up of ASCII symbols so the graphics don’t look very impressive, but it’s still an extremely fun game.  This game is written in TI BASIC.


Piano83 isn’t really a game but deserves to be on this list.  It’s a very extensive piano for your calculator!  To get sound, use 2.5 mm headphones and plug them into the data port.  Very cool!  This program is in ASM.

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  2. joe.
    Posted February 2, 2011 at 10:12 pm

    hahaa, I thought you were gonna put bad games, like travian, or tibia.
    cool, tho. I didn’t knew games could be played in a calculator. (:

  3. Posted February 4, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    Phoenix FTW!! Ha nice list

  4. Posted March 21, 2011 at 6:57 am

    No, tetris is the best. Nothing is better than beating the class’s highscore. Phoenix is good at first, but gets pretty boring when you can never beat it. :/

  5. Posted March 21, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Oh gosh, how did I forget Tetris! Great game, but it wouldn’t have ranked well, even though these are not in a particular order, solely because it’s not my forte. It’s weird though because normally I don’t care for Tetris, but occasionally I’ll get on these huge cravings for Tetris and just need to play it!

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