Warhawk Successor to Have Move Support?

We look at the possibilties of the next warhawk sequal aka starhawk utilizing sony’s new motion controller to its fullest potential. The first warhawk was touted with SIXAXIS support but could they take it to the next level with Move?

Warhawk was the first game I purchased with my PS3 back in 2007, it was also the game that encouraged me to go out and buy a PS3. Now the reason I was convinced was not because warhawk was touting some awesome multiplayer, but I was sold the minute I saw some gameplay of it using the SIXAXIS functionality. Once I got it, I was kind of disapointed with the controls, they just didn’t feel like I was controlling an awesome aircraft with the SIXAXIS. I don’t know if it was the sensitivity or what, but it turned me off of sixaxis enabled games and I went on and enjoyed the game normally with a regular controller for what it was, a great MP experience.

The games director Dylan Jobe has been teasing via twitter of his new game. Many people believe it is the successor to warhawk and that it will be announced in the near future. Now that Sony has introduced their new motion controller called Move imagine how great it would be to finally feel like your controlling an aircraft. With the precision of Move, we could finally be able to envision those awesome dog fights and make them a reality. It would also make for a great marketing campaign for both Move and the game.

Although the first game was simply MP only, the sequel could have a full blown singleplayer campaign and it would be added value if they had both the regular and Move version within the same disc. We can only dream right?

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