What Would Happen in a Zombie Outbreak?

What would be a good plan to use in a zombie outbreak.

A zombie outbreak…  we’ve all seen the movies zombies loose on cities people panicing and dont know what do to, would you have a better chance of survival if you had a plan? What would that plan be? can you trust anyone?

First of all we don’t really know what kind of zombies we’re dealing with, are they the dumb-no brain slow moving zombies that we all saw in the first zombie movies.  Another situation is that they could be smart, fast, agile, and hard to kill and anywhere inbetween.

My Plan assumes that the zombies are somewhere in the middle and they are spreading Fast! First of all where do you live? if you’re in a big city.. GET OUT! if theres 10 million zombies and only 1000 people you’re chance is slim to none get in a car, steal one if you have to and find a small city or even a farm atleast an hour out of the city, you shouldn’t be within an hour of any big cities, Make sure you search high and low, everywhere a small person could possible fit, CHECK! if they look even a little bit zombie-ish kill them, you have to have no remorse.

Who to bring with you? i wouldnt recommend going with your family, if your little brother gets infected, do you have to guts to bash his face in with whatever peice of metal you have handy? i sure as heck wouldn’t but on that note you woudnt go with an enemy or someone you don’t trust at all.  You have to find the middle and use good judgement on who you want to travel with.  (keep in mind you may have to repopulate with some of those people)

If it is in anyway possible at all, a small island would be the perfect place to create a new civilization… our ancestors started with absolutely nothing and so could we.  if that is not possible, in my mind a small apartment/ big house with 3 floors would be perfect, Make your base on the second floor, and keep extra weapons and maybe some storage on the top floor that way if they start to over power your first floor defenses a second story isnt to far to fall if you need to jump.

Another thing to consider is animals, are they going to be effected by the zombies? is there going to be cute little undead puppies running the streets or will the simply die when bitten?

There is alot to consider here and alot i left out, i will be releasing a more indepth plan if i get enough readers. please add me with questions or thoughts

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