Worms Reloaded: Game Review

Worms, weapons, strategic positions, madness and destruction: An Immortal Tradition.

The worms never die. That should be what the guys from Team 17 thought. Described as “the enhanced version of the console editions”. Worms Reloaded gives us exactly what it promised: Fun in a purest form. Worms Reloaded is an improved version of the successful console versions that have appeared years ago.
The concept of Worms is simple. This is an action/strategy game in which different teams of four worms face one another for the sole purpose of eliminating the opponent in destructible 2D environment and hilarious weapons. Simple, right? Well, with this concept, Worms is a great franchise for over 15 years.

The single player mode adds value and life to the title although pales, suffers a rather problematic AI. The campaign is consisted of 35 chapters in which you can visit many different scenarios, and finally in the War Zone you need to overcome waves of difficult enemies and summons Matanza.
The multiplayer is playable online or on local network. Having a friend on our side while crushing the opposition is priceless, but it is also exciting to do it over the internet with three other people.

So the game has a continuity in its concept and its gameplay is a breeze. New players shouldn’t have no problem in taking their first steps and the hardcore feel is as familiar as ever. Weapons have always been the most important thing in this game since it provides the greatest opportunities for laughter, especially by the fact that all weapons are somewhat tricky in their use, you can throw a grenade or shoot a bazooka to an enemy with hilarious results.

Unfortunately of the weapons are comparable with Worms 2: Armageddon, and in this sense is a disappointment if you already have Worms 2: Armageddon, however it is a good reason to purchase it if you are fans of the Worms series and you’ve enjoyed the previous deliveries.

With its low price tag, Worms Reloaded offers plenty of playable options. The fun remains comparable, and although the game has less innovation.

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