Graal Classic Cheats (iPod Touch)

Looking to make alot of gralats? Want to easily build up your kill count? Want to have all of those crazy hats for free?

Yup. No doubt about it, you would. Well… ok. Lets be honest here: graal is an incredibly simple and primitive game. I mean that is in technical terms. Bottom line is: there simply are no cheats. That does seem like a downside. The game was just not built complex enough to be exploited in any way. Really cheaters, your biggest hope in your cheating ways would be glitching. The game is so simple and primitive and simple that it is ripe with glitches. For example, you could unplug your internet and drop bombs all over graal, then plug your internet back in, and all of your bombs pop up and go off without warning for other players. 

Now, here’s to point of this article:

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  1. Posted February 28, 2012 at 8:44 pm

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