LOL: Riven Build, Including Masteries, Runes and Equipment!

Riven is the new champion on League of Legends [LOL], and like any character that just entered the competition, there are some questions among players regarding what could be the best way of developing her. Hopefully, this guide will give those answers and optimize Riven build.

Riven is a female character that should do a lot of damage in the game, and her build should be better used for the Attack Damage [AD]. Since she appeared so recently [15 of September], many players desire to know the best way of using her to the fullest potential. Following next is a recommended Riven build regarding Masteries, Runes, Items and tips, which hopefully can be very useful in game.

Note: this Riven Build is recommended for level 30 players which should have all the rune spots and Masteries available.


Riven build regarding masteries should concentrate 21 points in Offense and 9 on Utility. For a better understanding of how to distribute the points, just give a look to the image below.


This part is very important and can give significant boost to Riven build. Nevertheless, a player can always choose how many of those extra factors are going to be used or just to concentrate in a few. The following Riven build runes structure is recommended:

Mark: Attack Damage [AD] per level

Seal:  Flat AD or Armor

Glyph: Mana regeneration or Magic Resist

Quintessence: Armor penetration

As for the Summoner Spells in Riven Build a player should chose Exhaust/ Ghost and Flash.


The equipment chosen should reflect how the game is going, either more offensive or defensive. In Riven Build the following Items are recommended:

Core items

Trinity Force, [Attack – Damage] – 4070 Gold

Mercury’s Tread, [Defense – Magic resist/Boots] – 1200 Gold

Bloodthirster, [Attack – Damage] – 3000 Gold

 Infinity Edge, [Attack – Damage] – 3830 Gold

Youmuu’s Ghostblade, [Attack – Damage]  – 2353

Madred’s Bloodrazor, [Attack – Damage] – 3800 Gold

Optional/Defensive items

Banshee’s Veil, [Defense - Magic resist] – 2715 Gold

Thornsmail, [Defense - Armor] – 2000 Gold

Last Whisper, [Attack – Damage] – 3800 Gold, Note: when stacking a lot of armor this item becomes particularly useful in combination with Madred’s Bloodrazor.

Tips and tricks

After optimizing Riven Build, one should also keep in mind certain characteristics that prove to be important in game.

In early game Riven is very squishy [resembling Vayne or Ashe], however in mid and late game she becomes very deadly, especially in team fights. Until then, avoid being ganked by enemies raids using Riven unique abilities.

When using Riven, it’s not just the Riven Build that can help players. One should also keep in mind how to use her abilities and take the full advantage of them.

Broken wings (Q): This is a very good ability and a good crowd control technique. If you use it in team fights it will indeed help the team achieve some quick deaths and turn the upcoming result of the battle in your favor. In early game, while in the lanes, it’s a good ability to farm minions.

Ki Burst (W): An ability underestimated by most of the players but also very useful for surprising enemies. This stun will not only stop the targets but also gives them additional damage.

Valor (E): Riven will dash forward and gain a shield to protect herself. This ability together with Ki Burst it’s very useful to avoid ganks and it’s an excellent combo for escaping from thigh situations.

Blade of the Exile (R): Upon activating the ultimate Riven’s sword reappears and extends her damage, range and gives extra bonus to every ability. Besides that, Riven can also activate an ability called Wind Slash that emits a large shockwave dealing damage to all the units in its path. For certain, the use of Riven ultimate will change the upcoming results of the battles.

Final advices

Like any new champion in League of Legends, Riven is going to be overpowered until the next corrective patch. It can be already seen in game that her unique abilities can change the balance of the battles. So, enjoy this Riven build and use it to the fullest potential!

Good luck, and good fight!

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