Minecraft: Getting to The Nexus

Minecraft has a second world that you can access by building a special portal. Learn how to get to the nexus and get access to three minerals that you can only find there.

The Nexus is the home to many different enemies and minerals, and consists of mainly lava and bedrock. It is a special world that can only be accessed by building a portal out of obsidian and then lighting it on fire with a flint and steel.

In order to first build this portal, you must mine and pick up obsidian, which can be made by combining water and lava together. This will harden the lava into obsidian, which you can then mine and pick up. Once you have mined some obsidian, create a 4×5 (2×3) doorway out of it. Then, light the inside with flint and steel (made of flint and an iron ingot) to create the portal.

In order to pass into the nexus, you must walk into the portal, and stand still until you are teleported. Mine carts and monsters/animals can’t pass through the portal. When you are in the nexus, any distance that you travel will be multiplied by eight once you come back into the normal world, meaning that you can use the nexus to travel great distances in the real world.

You can find special minerals that are only located in the Nexus by mining. 

  • Netherrack is a block that will burn forever once you light it on fire, making it a great block to use in traps for fighting monsters. It is also a great alternative to torches.
  • Glowstone is a block that glows by itself indefinitely.  They are great for creating underwater light in the surface world.
  • Soul Sand is a block that slows movement speed over it, making it a great addition to traps when fighting monsters.

There are also a few monsters that you can only find in the Nexus, but I’ll let you discover those baddies on your own. Good luck, and happy mining!

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  1. MCmaster
    Posted February 19, 2011 at 4:23 am

    It’s called nether
    not nexus

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